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ACIP Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
ARRA American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
EHR Electronic Health Record
FDA Food and Drug Administration
GICR Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
GNI Gross National Income
HEDIS Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set
HIC Higher-Income Country
HITECH Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health
HPV Human Papillomavirus
IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer
IDB Islamic Development Bank
IIS Immunization Information System
LMIC Low- and Middle-Income Country
NCD Noncommunicable Disease
NCI National Cancer Institute
NCQA National Committee for Quality Assurance
NIH National Institutes of Health
NIS-Teen National Immunization Survey-Teen
NVAC National Vaccine Advisory Committee
PCP President's Cancer Panel
PEPFAR President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
RRP Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
Tdap Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis
VFC Vaccines for Children
VLP Virus-Like Particle
WHO World Health Organization