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NCI Funding Policy for RPG Awards FY11

In FY 2011, NCI will not publish an RPG payline. Rather, individual consideration of a broad range of applications will be the hallmark of NCI’s selection process for all competing applications. Peer review evaluation of scientific merit will remain the primary consideration in these funding decisions, which will be made by NCI Scientific Program Leaders (SPL) following discussions with Program Staff. In this process, the NCI SPL will give special consideration to applications that fill a significant gap in the cancer research portfolio or propose an especially novel or promising approach to a difficult and important problem.

The number of competing RPG awards that NCI can support will be affected by the total funds appropriated by Congress for FY 2011, a number that remains uncertain. Regardless of the final appropriations, NCI SPL and Program Staff will discuss all of the R01 applications within a competitive percentile range. Although there will be no guaranteed payline, NCI anticipates that virtually all R01 applications within the 7th percentile will be funded throughout this fiscal year. All applications between the 8th and 15th percentile will be considered for funding, as described above. For new investigators, both “early stage” and more senior, funding to the 10th percentile will be virtually assured, with discussion of all applications through the 25th percentile to identify additional selections.

As has been NCI policy for many years, P01 applications will be considered for funding on a case-by-case basis.

NCI expects to apply administrative budget reductions from the requested level to competing applications. The magnitude of those reductions will depend on the amount of the request and on NIH policy regarding the average cost of competing RPG grants.

Applicants will receive official confirmation that they have been selected for funding when they are contacted by the NCI Grants Management Specialist assigned to negotiate the award – which is standard policy and procedure at the NIH.

The funding process will be communicated via:

    1. A webcast of the January 10, 2011 NCI Director’s All?Hands staff meeting that is accessible to the full extramural community at:;
    2. A policy statement which will be posted on the NCI Internet site following NCI’s receipt of a full year’s budget appropriation; if the budget is unresolved beyond March 3, an interim policy statement will be published; and,
    3. Presentations, lectures, articles in the Cancer Bulletin, interactions with NCI Staff at scientific meetings and other events, etc.



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