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BSA & NCAB Joint Meeting Presentations

Presentations from the 3rdJoint Meeting of the NCI Board of Scientific Advisors (BSA) and the National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB) - Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2020
December 1
NCI Director's Report Dr. Sharpless
Legislative Report Ms. Holohan
President's Cancer Panel Report Dr. Williams
Why and How NCI Uses the U01 Mechanism Dr. Berny-Lang
Metabolic Dysregulation and Cancer Risk: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Obesity-Associated Cancer Research (New RFA/Coop. Agr.) Dr. Lam
Exercise and Nutrition Interventions to Improve Cancer Treatment-Related Outcomes in Cancer Survivors (New RFA/Coop. Agr.) Dr. Perna
Drug Development Support for the Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program Dr. Rhie
Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) (Reissue RFA/Coop. Agr.) Dr. Rodriguez
NCI Youth Enjoy Science (YES) Research Education Program (New RFA) Dr. Lin
Low-dose CT Lung Cancer Screening Image and Data Resource (New RFP) Dr. Pinsky

December 2
Status Report: Childhood Cancer Data Initiative Dr. Kibbe
Strategies to Accelerate Progress in Cancer Prevention Research Dr. Colditz & Dr. Garber
Program on the Origins of Gastroesophageal Cancers (New RFA/Coop. Agr.) Dr. Yassin
Translational and Basic Science Research in Early Lesions (TBEL) Initiative (New RFA/Coop. Agr.) Dr. Woodhouse
Centers on Telehealth Research and Cancer-Related Care (New RFA) Dr. Jensen
Re-Competition of the NCI at Frederick Operations and Technical Support Contract of the FNLCR (RFP) Dr. Hook